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Stockton Ace Hardware has become a name associated with quality products and excellent service.  We are very proud of this reputation and attribute much of it to our friendly and knowledgeable employees.
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Stockton ACE Hardware

Stockton Ace Hardware Store Departments

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Stockton Ace Hardware Store Automotive. engine oil, transmission oil, oil filters, oil pans, hydraulic oil, out-board engine oil, lubricants and penetrators, body filler, fiberglass repair, gasket maker, sealants, gasket materials, grease and grease guns, car wash soap and supplies, car wax, degreaser, engine additives, stop-leak additives,  flat tire repair kits, antifreeze and coolant, brake fluid and steering fluid, jumper cables, solid state battery chargers, tow ropes, fuses, bulbs and headlamps, towing and trailer accessories.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Barbeques. Weber gas, electric and charcoal barbeques and accessories, Charbroil, portable gas and charcoal barbeques, propane tanks and accessories, charcoal, lighter fluid, cooking racks, barbeque utensils, Sterno heating cans, barbeque pellets, wood chips, barbeque covers, replacement barbeque parts, Turkey fryers.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store

Cleaning Supplies. soaps, cleaners, polishes, waxes, sponges, brushes, brooms, mops, buckets.

Stockton Ace Hardware Store

Electrical. wiring, connectors, switches, outlets, boxes, covers, conduit and fittings, PVC, EMT, rigid, electrical tools, flashlights, fuses and circuit breakers, cord ends, extension cords, lamp repair.

Stockton Ace Hardware Store General Contractor. Additions and Improvements interior and exterior, bathroom  and kitchen remodels.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Gift Shop. Seasonal products, interior/exterior decoration.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Handyman. Home, garden, yard, appliances, electrical, plumbing.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Hardware. gutter materials, metal stock, picture hanging hardware, castors, floor protection, weather-strip, lettering, blinds and shades, vents and vent-piping, rope, hinges, screw-eyes, chain, tarps, plastic sheeting, tie-down straps, braces, brackets, screening materials, drawer pulls, drawer repair, screen door repair, screen doors, garage door materials, garage door openers, screws, nails, bolts, Hillman miscellaneous hardware pieces, storage, shelving, totes.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Home Repairs. walls, floors, electrical, plumbing, hardware interior and exterior.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Housewares and cookware. vacuums and accessories, clothes irons and ironing accessories, garbage bags, garbage cans, outdoor refuse containers, storage bags, clocks, small kitchen appliances, canning supplies, coffee supplies, small and large kitchen utensils, stove top parts, kitchen measuring devices, kitchen knives, picture frames, candles.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Lawn and Garden. insecticides and pesticides, organic pesticides and insecticides, herbicides and weed killers, ready-to-use and concentrated applications, garden seeds, lawn seeds, lawn and garden fertilizers, fly traps and sprays, ant traps and sprays, wasp traps and sprays, mouse traps and poisons, mosquito repellents, sprays and traps, garden soils, clay, ceramic and plastic planters and pots, garden hoses, hose reels, hose-end sprayers, hose repair, shovels, rakes, hoes, axes, mauls, picks, pruners, shears, pruning saws.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Locks and handle-sets. pad locks, cable locks, hasps, barrel bolts, door locks, Schlage locks, Kwikset locks, Ace brand locks, dead bolts, door knobs, door handles, door levers.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Nursery. Plants, seeds, clothing, garden soils, clay, ceramic and plastic planters and pots, garden hoses, hose reels, hose-end sprayers, hose repair, shovels, rakes, hoes, axes, mauls, picks, pruners, shears, pruning saws.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Patio Furniture. bistro sets, lounge chairs, dining table sets, large outdoor umbrellas, outdoor area heaters,  bar chairs, day-beds, gazebos, wicker sets, fire pits, replacement cushions, awnings, benches, swings, outdoor bars.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Painting Supplies. interior/exterior coatings, Ace brand, Benjamin Moore, solvents, brushes rollers and other applicators, sanding products, spray paints, spackle, wallpapering, faux finishes, interior/exterior stains, cement tools, concrete coatings and cleaners, roof coatings and repair, tapes, adhesives, caulking and caulking guns.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Plumbing. under-sink plumbing, toilet plumbing, washers, gaskets, o-rings, sink, bath and shower faucet fixtures, valve stem repair, replacement handles and flanges, thermostats, water-heaters, dryer accessories, washing machine accessories, toilets and accessories, bathroom fixtures and racks, natural gas and propane fittings, hoses and pipe, galvanized fittings and pipe, copper fittings and pipe, copper tubing, brass fittings and pipe, black pipe and fittings, Pex and flexible plastic pipe quick connect fittings, drain cleaners, pipe snakes, plungers, fans, heaters, furnace and air filters, fireplace and wood stove accessories.
Stockton Ace Hardware Store Tools. hand tools, power tools, drill bits, saw blades, tool boxes, rotary tools and accessories, soldering, welding, pneumatic tools and fittings, measuring devices, laser tools, utility knives.


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